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Man Tried To Murder 95-Year-Old Mother-In-Law By Spiking Coffee With Meth

PAMPLIN, VA — A 95-year-old woman got an unexpected pick-me-up in her cup of coffee after her son-in-law slipped methamphetamine into the beverage in an alleged attempt to kill her.

In December 2017, Esther Price told authorities she fell ill after her daughter’s husband, Jack David Price, 56, made the out-of-the-ordinary gesture of coming to her house to give her coffee, News & Advance reported.

After the senior citizen drank the tainted brew and then began vomiting and experiencing chest pains, Jack offered to drive her to the doctor. However, he said he was unable to secure an appointment — a claim medical personnel later denied.

The woman’s granddaughter pointed the finger at her stepdad, Jack, saying she suspected he wanted to poison Esther. And a neighbor said Jack once joked he should “put some meth in her drink” — but quickly backtracked on the comment when the man didn’t find it funny.

Jack received a six-year sentence on October 4 after he accepted a deal and pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of obstruction of justice; one felony count each of possession with intent to sell, give, or distribute a Schedule II drug; and altering food, drink, or drugs.

Deputy Commonwealth Attorney Les Fleet said he agreed to drop a first-degree murder charge in order for the victim, who is in poor health, to avoid the stress of going through a trial.

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The News & Advance, Times Virginian

Main photo: Jack David Price mug shot [Appomattox County Sheriff’s Office]

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