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Mom Already In Custody; Now Dad Wanted In Fatal Child-Abuse Case Jumps To His Death

NEW YORK, NY — A father who was wanted for questioning by police in the death of his 13-month-old daughter and the beating of her twin brother jumped to his death Saturday from a New York City hotel.

Mohammad Reza Torabi, 31, leaped from the top of the Renaissance New York Hotel 57 on E. 57th Street in Midtown Manhattan. His body landed on a third-floor landing air conditioner, according to MSN.

On Wednesday, police found his daughter Elaina and her brother Kian badly beaten in the couple’s basement apartment in Auburndale, Queens. Elaina later died, and Kian suffered fractured ribs, a broken tibia, and internal bleeding.

Their mother, Tina Torabi, 30, called 911 on Wednesday night when Elaina stopped breathing. She has been charged with felony assault and is being held without bail in connection with the beating of her son.

A child services worker had apparently visited the home just two days before, and had the impression the children were fine and not in danger.

The two battered babies were born in August 2017 with opioids in their systems — they and three other children were taken away from their mother for the first six months of their lives. A judge returned them to their mother in March after no further evidence of drug use was found. It was reportedly Torabi who introduced his wife to using drugs.

Torabi, 31, was estranged from his wife after allegations of domestic violence, which include choking and biting. A restraining order was issued earlier this year.

Sources indicated no suicide note left was found on Torabi. Tina told a reporter from the New York Post that her husband attacked the kids before committing suicide. Still, she may face further charges in connection with Elaina’s death once the autopsy is complete.

Police found horrific wounds — including bite marks, cigarette burns, and lesions — on Elaina in addition to Kian’s severe injuries. The other three children, who are ages two, four, and five, reportedly showed signs of malnourishment.

The investigation continues.

Read more:  MSN,, New York Post

Main photo: Tina Torabi [ABC7 (screenshot)]   

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